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Diesel Portable Compressors (185-300 cfm)

Check out our current offerings for 185 cfm and 300 cfm class air compressors.  Both are Ultra Silent, and powered by Tier 4 Final compliant diesel engines.  And both are backed by our unmatched support, and unrivaled warranties.

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Rotair® D185T4F Ultra Silent Portable Diesel Air Compressor

Rotair® D185T4F Ultra Silent Portable Diesel Air Compressor

Building World Class Air Compressors Since 1961

The new Rotair® D185T4F is a 185 cfm portable diesel air compressor that is Tier 4 Final compliant, which means that it meets the latest EPA requirements for low emissions.  Unlike many other Tier 4 Final products, the Rotair® D185T4F takes a minimalist approach to meeting stringent, Tier 4 Final requirements. While some other manufacturers may modify an engine that was designed before the EPA Tier program, utilizing sophisticated electronics and complicated after-treatment methods that require service, the Rotair® D185T4F starts with an engine that was designed from the ground up to meet EPA Tier 4 Final standards.


Rotair D300T4F

Rotair D300T4F Diesel Portable Compressor

The new Rotair D300T4F is a compact, quiet, and powerful air compressor that delivers enough air to run a #7 sandblast nozzle, and save fuel at the same time. This is a good in-between compressor size, and substantially less expensive than all 375 cfm offerings. This compressor has also been a great match for many Vapor Blast machines on the market. It's compact size and available skid base makes it perfect for mounting on a trailer with a 650 lb Vapor Blast machine.  The D300T4F meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards without a costly and high maintenance Diesel Particulate Filter, and does not require a Diesel Exhaust Fluid system.  This machine has proven itself to be a great 375 class compressor ...