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Diesel and Gasoline Portable Compressors (40-90 cfm)

Rotair’s smallest range of portable diesel air compressors offers lots of punch when a more diminutive footprint and greater fuel efficiency are required. In many cases, these smaller compressors can do the job of larger units for a lot less initial outlay and lower operating costs. The D40K is the smallest compressor in the Rotair line. It can be moved to the jobsite on a cart, with a jib truck, or it can be mounted on the bed of a small pickup or stake bed. The GP75H is a gasoline powered, cart-mounted compressor that offers many features found only in larger compressors. Both compressors are protected by Rotair's Five-Year, Unlimited-Hour Air-End and Mechanical Coupling Warranty that is provided at no cost and does not require fluids that are available only from the manufacturer.

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Rotair D40K Diesel Portable Compressor

Rotair D40K Diesel Portable Compressor

The Rotair D40K produces a solid 40 cfm @ 100 psi in a small, but well-built package. At only 572 pounds, it offers the versatility to be truck mounted or easily moved to the jobsite by forklift or jib. Featuring a liquid-cooled, Kubota Tier 4 Industrial Diesel Engine, the D40K performs like the big boys but has a smaller footprint, and an even smaller thirst for fuel. With an average consumption of 0.53 gallons per hour, fuel costs are almost insignificant when compared to other air compressors. The D40K is solid and quiet, with the same design features of larger Rotair compressors, including a Direct-Drive Air-End, Premium Sound Attenuation System and Spin-On Filters. And, because Rotair understands that you wouldn't buy an air ...

Rotair GP75H Portable Gasoline Powered Compressor

The new Rotair GP75H portable compressor offers big compressor performance in a small and highly portable package. Powered by an industry-proven Honda GX-690 twin-cylinder gasoline engine, with electric start, the GP75H produces a full 75 cfm at 100 psi. Because it is gasoline powered, the Rotair GP75H is not subject to stringent EPA Tier regulations like off-road diesel engines. So, it is a cost effective solution to a large percentage of compressor applications. The Rotair GP75H utilizes Rotair’s proven twin-screw air-end that is covered by a free, Five-Year, Unlimited-Hour Warranty that does not require special enrollment, or the use of proprietary fluids. High portability makes the GP75H a popular choice of contractors of all types. ...
D90KA 5

Rotair® D90KA Ultra Silent Portable Diesel Air Compressor

Building World Class Air Compressors Since 1961

The new Rotair® D90KA is an ultra-compact 90 cfm portable compressor that will efficiently power a single 90 pound breaker, or blow out a sprinkler system as well as any 185 cfm compressor on the market. The new D90KA is powered by a 3-Cylinder Kubota Tier 4 Final diesel engine that is designed to provide years of quiet, reliable and fuel-efficient service. For years, customers have been purchasing and renting 185 cfm compressors to run a single pneumatic tool, or to do jobs that could actually be handled as well by a 90 cfm machine. The Rotair® D90KA offers many advantages when compared to a larger, and more expensive, 185 cfm compressor.